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Best Way to Learn Korean by Yourself

best way to learn Korean

Discover the Easiest and best way to learn Korean

So you’ve decided to learn Korean on your own.

All beginner, intermediate, and advanced Korean learners who have found their way here are warmly welcomed!

First and foremost, congratulations. You’re in for a good time.

Second, realize that you’ve arrived at the right location!

Korean is one of the most difficult languages to learn on your own.

That’s what “they” say, at least.

Cracking Korean, like any other language, isn’t impossible—all you need is devotion, patience, and, most importantly, the appropriate way.

It’s understandable if you don’t know where to begin or how to approach Korean because it’s such a different language from English. Even if you’re further along in the learning process and just need a little extra self-motivation to become fluent, this is true. Without the help of a teacher or a curriculum, where do you start?

Don’t be discouraged. Allow us to show you how to become your own personal Korean instructor.

We’ve compiled a list of the most efficient methods for learning Korean quickly.

Learn Korean
Best Way to Learn Korean Online

The Best Way to Learn Korean on the Internet – 6 Fantastic Resources

Forget about the high-priced Korean instructors and classes. The most efficient and cost-effective approach to study Korean is to do so online. This is what you must do.

With around 77.2 million native speakers in North Korea, South Korea, China, and some portions of Japan and Russia, Korean is the world’s 13th most spoken language today. A native English speaker would need roughly 2200 hours or 88 weeks of study to achieve fluency in Korean, according to the US Government’s Foreign Service Institute. While this may appear to be a lot, there are ways to make learning fun. Let’s explore what the finest online Korean learning method is!

1. Use Mondly to learn Korean words every day.

Learning a new language was never easy until a few years ago. Especially when it comes to languages like Korean, which aren’t the simplest for a native English speaker to pick up.

Everything has changed, however, with the introduction of language learning apps like Mondly. Now you can learn Korean online in just 5 or 10 minutes per day, and in one week with Mondly, you can learn more essential information than you could in a semester of Korean classes with a teacher. What’s more, you know what? For the low price of ONE CLASS with a Korean teacher, you can acquire a LIFETIME Mondly Premium membership.

As a native English speaker, imagine having to grasp Korean pronunciation. It can be quite difficult to master Korean if you do not live in South Korea. And selecting the appropriate curriculum… That’s a different kind of headache! However, if you practice Korean on a daily basis with Mondly, the award-winning language learning software, you can become conversational in no time.

Mondly is the main and best way to learn Korean online, with bite-sized Daily Lessons, practical themes, and actual Korean dialogues recorded by native voice artists to help you deal with day-to-day problems.

Mondly app Language learning
Mondly App

Download the program, practice for 5-10 minutes every day, and before you know it, you’ll be speaking Korean as you’ve never spoken before. What do you mean by that? Mondly, on the other hand, doesn’t waste your time with irrelevant material that won’t help you converse. Instead, it concentrates on teaching you Korean through the inductive technique, which entails learning from action, context, and example, and then extrapolating to rules.

So, what do you have to lose?

Learn Korean
Learn Korean with Mondly App

Get Mondly right now and start learning Korean terms that you’ll actually use in your everyday discussions.

2. See Korean films.

Have you ever spent time in a foreign country and then returned home to hear people speak the language of the country you visited? Surprisingly, your brain is so intelligent that it just adjusts to the sounds you hear. It sets expectations, and when they aren’t realized, it “recalibrates” to hear the appropriate noises. The process is so fast that you may not see it at times, but it is always going on.

Korean Movies
Watch Korean Films to Learn Language

So why not put your brain’s talent to good use for yourself? Why not establish a means through which you can hear Korean on a daily or weekly basis? You could, for example, watch Korean films. Given the abundance of fantastic films produced in South Korea, you’ll have no trouble acclimating to the Korean language. Korean films, in fact, have created some of the best films ever made. “Oldboy,” “Memories of Murder,” “New World,” and “Parasite” are among them.

3. Hangul is the Korean script you should learn

Learning Hangul, the Korean alphabet follows the logic of learning to write in your own tongue and will give you a good start if you wish to study Korean.

In fact, if you want to study a language with a different writing system than your mother tongue, you should start by learning its alphabet. The learning process will become more logical and easy in this manner.

Hangul Korean
Hangul: Korean Alphabet

The Korean alphabet is known as Hangul. Since the Joseon Dynasty in the 15th century A.D., it has been employed. It’s believed to be the world’s most scientific alphabet, with 14 consonants and 10 vowels that duplicate practically every human sound and are so accurate that they’re incredibly simple to learn.

Why Does It Work?

To read Korean, you must first learn the Korean alphabet. You may find it simpler to pronounce Korean words using the Roman alphabet at first, but you’ll quickly realize that this isn’t a long-term solution—the faster you master the Korean alphabet, the more pleasant and productive your learning experience will be.

You’ll also notice that the Roman alphabet has some severe limits when it comes to Korean, especially since it has such a diverse range of sounds. In reality, certain consonants are divided into three groups.

Hangul South Korea
Hangul: South Korea

How Does It Work?

It’s simple to learn Hangul; all you have to do is memorize the characters and the sounds that go with them! Create an audiovisual link by hand-writing a series of symbols and simultaneously uttering their sounds.

After that, start writing simple words. Make it simple and enjoyable, and keep practicing regardless of your level of Korean. Even once you’ve mastered the strokes and sounds, keep writing. To keep your memory sharp, you must continue to practice.

  • Use authentic Korean movie posters and read the words out loud if you’re a complete beginner. There aren’t too many words to make it overpowering, but knowing that the information is genuine adds to the appeal!
  • If you’re a beginner or intermediate student, you should: Spend five to ten minutes each day reading aloud a full Korean text. Start with simpler texts, such as children’s books, and progress to more complex material later. It’s fine if you don’t comprehend everything (or even anything). Remember, this is more of a Hangul practice session than a comprehension one. Rep to this process until you can read the material without pausing!
  • If you’re a learner who is intermediate or advanced: Sing along to karaoke songs on YouTube with Korean lyrics at the bottom! To add to the fun, find your favorite K-Pop tunes. The pace is just right, so the emphasis isn’t on reading per such, but on reading rapidly and accurately!

4. Look up Korean words in a dictionary.

Knowing the best way to learn Korean should be viewed as a personal achievement. Never forget that during your studies. Although the overall process takes longer than, say, learning a romance language, learning Korean should be seen as a personal triumph. That is something you must remember throughout your studies. but it isn’t impossible. You can adjust the quantity of work you’ll need to perform to reach the corresponding level of Korean depending on your goal – whether it’s to learn enough Korean to communicate with other people during your trip to South Korea or to perfect it in preparation for a job there.

Korean Dictionary
Korean Dictionary

The simple truth is that you can study Korean online and from the comfort of your own home without having to pay someone thousands of dollars to assist you. Everything you need to learn Korean online without a tutor is Mondly and a Korean dictionary like Naver.

Always have a Korean dictionary on hand – not necessarily Naver, but whatever you choose – and look up words like “chair,” “office,” “colleagues,” “street,” “coffee,” and so on throughout the day. You might not remember it the first time, but as they say, the third time is the charm!

5. Use flashcards to learn Korean terms that are difficult to remember.

We’ve all got a few words that just won’t stay. They don’t have to be in a foreign language to be effective. Even in our native tongues, we occasionally experience this type of “slip of the tongue” situation.

Fortunately, flashcards can come in handy in this situation. Identify these “obstinate” Korean terms, write them down on sticky notes (so they’ll stick both physically and figuratively), and post them near your bed, bathroom, kitchen, or additional locations where you spend the majority of your waking hours Those same words that previously didn’t seem to stick will now follow you around everywhere.

Showing flashcards
Showing Flashcard

Flashcards aren’t simply for students in middle school. They will be beneficial to all students. If you’re unsure, look it up!

Why Does It Work?

Flashcards help you remember things by stimulating your brain through visual association. The goal is to instill information in the brain and foster active recall. Your brain will remember the knowledge learned from flashcards overtime after seeing it so many times.

How Does It Work?

If you’ve opted to create your own flashcards, keep things basic. On the front, write a Korean word, and on the reverse, write its translation. You may also want to include the Korean pronunciation of the word on the back. The latter is crucial if you ever ask a friend who doesn’t understand Hangul to quiz you.

Put yourself to the test. Begin by reading the Korean word and completing the translation in little more than three seconds. When you’ve finished the set, flip the cards over and start over, this time reading the English word and translating it into Korean.

6. Hallyu is the finest approach to learn Korean.

It’s no secret that falling in love with a culture allows you to move mountains and learn a language faster than others. Your enthusiasm is the gasoline that keeps you going. And if you want to study Korean, you’ll need a lot of passion.

Fortunately, Korean culture is one of the world’s most fascinating cultures. The Korean culture will utterly enchant you, especially if you have never visited Asia before.

In fact, Korean culture is so influential that it has earned the moniker Hallyu (“The Korean Wave”). Hallyu is a Chinese phrase that refers to Korea’s tremendous cultural development. Music, film, drama, Korean food, and internet gaming are all examples of this.

Just check into it, learn about Hallyu, and you’ll soon be loving every minute of your Korean classes with Mondly.

Learn Korean

And that was the end of it! You now know how to learn Korean online in the most effective method.


Become a member of a Language Exchange Group

Language exchange groups are excellent resources for learning about the language and culture of a place of interest.

Why Does It Work?

Aside from forging friendships, human interaction is crucial in this group for achieving achievements. Long-term commitment to learning the Korean language is aided by communities. Consider it an additional incentive tool.

Oh! One of the pleasures of being a part of it? It’s possible that it’ll be absolutely free!


How Does It Work?

Mutual learning exchanges are the foundation of language exchange communities. Allow a native Korean speaker to teach you Korean once you’ve shared your native tongue with them. You also don’t have to “teach” each other. When a scenario necessitates a rapid explanation, you can, but the goal is to conduct a casual conversation in each language. Typically, you’ll agree to a 50/50 split, in which each language takes up half of the chat.

This is great for training listening and speaking, but it can also be used for additional structure. For best effectiveness, communicate in advance to select a partner with whom you get along and who wants to practice regularly, and spend two to three times a week on the platform of your choice.

Every day, include a little Korean into your life.

You will almost certainly have opportunities to use Korean on a daily basis no matter where you are in the world. It may be simpler in some situations than others, but it is always feasible. It’s only a matter of thinking beyond the box!

Korean Teens

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Commute: If you live in Korea, make it a point to converse in Korean with folks on your route to and from work. This could be ordering at a cafe and asking for your gimbap to go, asking the bus driver if the bus comes to your stop, or greeting the people at your workplace’s front desk.
  • If you’re dating a Korean, ask to speak to them in Korean as frequently as possible. When you see him or her, express your interest in studying the language and make an effort to learn at least a new word or two. Your vocabulary and speaking skills will skyrocket in no time!
  • Friendships through the mail: This will be discussed in further detail in #9, but thanks to the Internet, you may communicate with Koreans from anywhere in the world. Email, KakaoTalk, or Skype can all be used to communicate.
  • K-Pop: Every day, download some Korean music and listen to a few songs. By downloading the lyrics and singing along, you may turn passive listening into active listening.

Words You Don’t Know (Screenshot)

It’s critical to use the words you’re learning if you want to learn Korean quickly.

On that topic, you should make a point of studying the words you’ll use the most.

Unless you use the word frequently, it’s extremely possible that you’ll forget it! Adding this word to your flashcard deck is a good way to help you remember it.

However, we all have busy lifestyles, and it’s difficult to do this during the busiest times of the day.

Instead, when you search up the word in the Korean dictionary, make sure to capture a screenshot of it. You may even email them to yourself if you’re worried about losing track.

Then, when you have some uninterrupted time to study Korean, check over your screenshots and add them to your flashcard deck.

Visit Korean Language Exchanges for more information.

A language exchange is a fun and engaging approach to improve your Korean language skills. Not only will you be able to trade languages, but you will also be able to discuss interesting aspects of your different cultures.

They’re also completely free! The only thing you have to pay for is your time.

If you’ve never participated in a language exchange before, they usually take place in a cafe for a predetermined amount of time at regular intervals. You could meet for coffee twice a week for two hours, for example. You may only communicate in English during the first hour. During the second hour, you may only be able to communicate in Korean.

South Korean Girls

It takes a certain level of skill to conduct successful language exchanges. A few quick pointers:

  • Prepare your materials ahead of time. Bring any books or content from your course that you’d want to review. Make sure you follow through on your promise to provide something for your partner’s study time.
  • Be dependable. Arrive on time and on a regular basis. If you need to cancel, let us know as soon as possible.
  • Don’t count on dating to teach you anything. Although language exchanges can lead to romantic relationships, they are not always beneficial for language development. The reason for this is that you and your partner will usually only communicate in the language that is most comfortable for both of you (probably English). Pick your mate carefully.

So, how do you go about organizing a language exchange?

It’s becoming easier and easier to do a language exchange anywhere in the world, thanks to the growing popularity of sites like meetup.com. Here are some suggestions:

  • If you live in Korea, there are plenty of language exchange partners to choose from. Go to language meetups or ask around in your social group.
  • On Meetup.com, look for Korean language events.
  • Look for English academies in your neighborhood that have international students. Inform them that you would like to participate in a language exchange with any Koreans who are interested in learning your original tongue.
  • Inquire with local colleges’ study abroad departments about connecting you with native Korean students.
  • Make a penfriend and have Skype conversations with them.

Make sure that language exchanges are used in addition to, not instead, a regular learning course. You won’t learn much if you don’t do so, and you’ll rapidly feel like you’re wasting your time.

On the other hand, if you follow the tips above, you’ll find that learning Korean quickly is fairly simple!

Chatting on KakaoTalk

In Korea, KakaoTalk is the most extensively used communication program. It is the primary form of communication for Koreans. Since the introduction of KakaoTalk, phone calls and SMS messages have become increasingly infrequent.

This is an excellent way to improve your Korean skills! Because so many Koreans use the app, you may effortlessly communicate with your Korean pals at all times.

kakao talk
Kakao Talk

There are ways to make Korean friends if you don’t already have any. One way is to participate in language exchanges or make introductions through friends. Another option is to use pen pal websites like PenpalKorea.

When it comes to choosing pen pals with whom to communicate, the key to success is to ensure that you are adding value to the other person’s life. If you merely declare, “I want to perfect my Korean,” your pen friend will not be impressed. He or she may be kind and converse with you for a little period of time, but you may not receive many responses soon after.

A more effective tactic would be to say something along the lines of:

“Hello there, potential pen friend, I see you’re studying X language! That’s great; that’s my native tongue, so I’m glad you’re learning it. I’m learning Korean and would like to practice with someone. Would you be willing to participate in a language exchange? Since I know KakaoTalk is big in Korea, we may be pen buddies there. I’d be pleased to help you practice X language or answer any questions you have about my country. And, of course, if you ever come to visit, let me know and I’ll show you around a wonderful lunch spot!”

It’s a lot more enticing, and both parties profit. You’ll learn Korean quickly, and your partner will have access to a native speaker (you!). You’ll be able to add vocabulary and phrases that Koreans use, and you’ll be able to grasp the Korean you’re studying much better if you interact with native speakers.

Inquire with others

Don’t sign up for a Korean language course just because it has a snazzy smartphone app or because it’s the first one that comes up in a Google search.

Instead, look at what has worked for others in your circle. Inquire among your friends, join Facebook groups, and conduct an internet search. Before enrolling in a Korean language program, give it a try. You want to make sure the program aligns with your objectives and is presented in a way that you enjoy.

Make studying a pleasurable experience for yourself

Grammar and vocabulary should not be the exclusive focus of your studies. To stay motivated, you need to mix in elements that will keep your language learning experience interesting.

Reading Korean literature or comic books, watching Korean TV episodes and movies, and conversing with Koreans are all good ideas!

Even if you don’t know any Koreans, find a language partner who is studying the language so you can practice together.

If you truly put things into practice, you’ll learn Korean a lot faster. When you read, write, speak, and listen to someone say a word, you’ll be amazed at how quickly you pick it up.

Take small steps at first

Going on a diet or beginning an exercise program is quite similar to learning a language.

Many people start out too big, become overwhelmed, and then give up.

It’s not a good time.

You’ll be far better off starting slowly and ingraining one behavior at a time into your daily routine. You’ll not only learn Korean quickly, but you’ll also have a good time doing it!

You might start with a basic question: “Why should I study Korean?” What motivates you, and what would make it enjoyable for you?

Obtain Accountability

Set up some form of accountability structure if you want to learn Korean quickly.

This entails devising a strategy to ensure that you continue to study even if you don’t want to!

This can take the form of:

  • Attendance is required for an in-person language program.
  • If you don’t meet your study goals, you’ll purchase dinner for a friend.
  • You’ll get access to an online language course coach who will help you stay on track.
  • Daily study needs are written on flashcards.
  • Using Facebook or Coach.me to share your news

It doesn’t really matter whatever one you go with as long as it works for you. The essential point is that willpower ebbs and flows, especially when times are difficult.

When things go bad, it’s critical to have someone or something by your side. When you first begin learning a language, it’s natural to be enthusiastic. But what happens when your willpower starts to wane on days 60, 85, or 285?

It’s moments like this when having a system or person to hold you accountable pays off. You’ll be able to overcome those obstacles and continue working toward your goal of speaking Korean!

Use Effective and Fun Methods

The key to learning Korean is to select appropriate materials that make it simple to comprehend. You’ll be more motivated and stick with it if you do it this way. It should always be enjoyable and stimulating!

Make sure you have a plan in place to teach you Korean utilizing effective approaches while choosing your Korean study materials. It’s a shame to hear of people wasting weeks studying the Korean alphabet when, with the correct materials, they might have learned it in 60 minutes!

Many Korean language learning programs are available. They range in intensity from light to intense, from free to costly, from online to 1:1, and from boring to fascinating.

Make sure you thoroughly evaluate courses and select the one that best suits your learning style and objectives. They should use the most up-to-date approaches and materials and teach in an easy-to-understand manner.

The most crucial thing is that they should be F-U-N! You want to be eager to get your hands on the course materials and begin learning!

Take a test drive with the Korean programs before committing to them. Your Korean language learning journey will be smoother if the curriculum is well-developed.

In Conclusion:

There are numerous ways to learn Korean that do not necessitate high tuition expenses, lifestyle adjustments, or superhuman abilities.

People that excel at studying Korean are typically no different than you or me. If you chat with them and find out what they did in detail, you’ll see a pattern of activities that helped them learn Korean quickly.

You may achieve the same outcomes by optimizing your studies even to learn another language like Japanese, ensuring that every minute you spend studying yields the most return on your investment.

Learn Korean

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